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Dot and Dash Cartoons- PM, Dollar & Rupee

May 21 2012No Comments

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Cartoon Idea Of The Day- Prof R R Pillai

December 18 2011No Comments

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PM Manmohan Singh is addressing a press conference standing on the top of the table and speaking through a megaphone . Blurting out through the megaphone ” Eureka !  Food Inflation depends not on how many more meals the top 1% has but on how many more days the other 99% do not fast !

Dot and Dash Cartoons- Ministers & Onions

January 16 2011No Comments

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News: Minister Sharad Pawar says , he is responsible for five commodities – wheat, rice, pulses, oil seeds and sugar but not onions.

Dot and Dash Cartoons- Ophiuchus

January 15 2011No Comments

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News: Astronomer Parke Kunkle says since the Earth’s position has changed vis-a-vis the sun in the last 3000yeas ,now there is new Zodiac sign called Ophiuchus.It was earlier known as Serpentarius, the serpent-bearer. FM Pranabh Mukherjee belong to this Zodiac sign.

Dot and Dash Cartoons – Prosperity & Inflation

January 13 2011No Comments

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