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Anna Hazare and the Fight against Corruption- Prof R R Pillai

October 17 2011No Comments

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Anna Hazare now promises to work with the Congress if it passes the strong Lok Pal bill in the winter session of parliament. Anna should know that with passing of the bill the Congress ‘s corrupt regime doesn’t come clean. It was the congress that was in power for majority of the time since Independence. […]

Dot and Dash Cartoons- MPs and MPs

August 30 2011No Comments

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Is Parliament Supreme ?——- Prof R R Pillai

August 25 2011one Comment

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The clamour that the Parliament is supreme is untenable. The power that parliament has to make laws is not absolute but relative. Whenever Parliament with its brute majority passed a law which defeated the letter and spirit of the Constitution of India the Supreme court has struck it down. Parliament is not vested with the  […]

Dot and Dash Cartoons – Anna & The Nation

August 23 2011No Comments

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Dot and Dash Cartoons – Lokpal Bill & Magic Wand

June 20 2011No Comments

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