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Cricket Icon Sachin Tendulkar – Morals & Moolahs———Prof R R Pillai

January 9 2011No Comments

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Sachin Tendulkar the seven star cricketer of India had all praise showered on him for refusing to endorse an alcohol brand, even for a sum of Rs 20 Cr. But the hand which refused to put the signature on a more known harmful  alcohol brand ,easily signed for no less harmful cola brand for an […]

PSUs and Colourful Spending – Prof R R Pillai

July 31 2010No Comments

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I am rather at a loss to know the reasons for many tender advertisements of PSUs appearing regularly in colour in the leading Dailies,when black and white ads would serve the purpose economically. The continuous colour ads especially of Cental and Western railways appearing regularly is quite wasteful of tax payer’s money.Even a Tata group […]

Thoughts on The Double Digit Growth Rate

March 5 2010No Comments

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Double Digit real growth rate of  10 % and a nominal growth rate of 18 % does not mean a great relief to nearly 80 crore Indians whose earnings are less than Rs. 20 per day. The per capita growth at the above level translates to just Rs. 30 or odd for the 115 crore […]

Professionals: How to become one!

November 20 2009No Comments

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Many students have the ambition to become professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Chartered Accountants, and Engineers etc. But quite a few of them also find it not as easy as to how to go about it. Especially when they are at the entry level studies of these courses. One should never be in a hurry […]