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Saif Ali Khan,The Celebrity & Voting Moods- Prof R R Pillai

October 4 2014No Comments

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Saif Ali Khan the Bollywood celebrity in an interview to ET says ” I have never voted and that’s because I have never felt that I am being represented ” At the same time Saif says ” Bandra is very hip and connected and is a lovely place to live.There are lots of places to […]

Shiv Sena BJP Break UP Of Alliance & The Language Of Statistics- Prof R R Pillai

September 27 2014No Comments

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Assembly Elections Statistics 2009 Maharashtra Assembly Elections: BJP contested 119 seats lost 73 and won 46 seats with success rate of 38.7% Shiv Sena contested 160 seats lost in 116 and won 44 seats with success rate of 27.5% Ratio of success rate : BJP : Shiv Sena is 4:3 (Rounding off ) Totoal number […]

AAP, Iyer & LS Elections- Prof R R Pillai

January 7 2014No Comments

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Swaminathan Iyer of ET in TOI Sunday Jan 5 2014 has come out with a grand prediction that if AAP manages to win 30 to 40 seats it can successfully stop Narendra Modi from becoming PM after ensuing LS elections. Many Columnists write not to objectively analyse the  Delhi Phenomenon of the fledgeling AAP and […]

Lokpal Law & Minority Reservation Politics- Prof R R Pillai

December 21 2013No Comments

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There are reports that the recently passed Lokpal Bill too contains reservation based on minority status. This is blatantly anti Constitutional. Earlier Andhra Pradesh too introduced quotas for Muslims whch was struck down by Courts. It has become a vote bank political nuisance game played before elections to appease the Muslims through some or other […]

AAP, Media & Not So Clean Politics- Prof R R Pillai

December 16 2013No Comments

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Earlier in an article ,responding to a report in ET of Wed 11 2013 of how the Maulanas of Delhi supported AAP not in the fight against corruption of Congress and BJP but mainly to settle a wakf property dispute with Congress leaders, I had mentioned that AAP was not that clean. AAP too was […]